Twas The Night Before Cutting

It’s practically a half day away from that big moment of my life, and now the nerves hit. I’m ready for this to be over, and seriously I’ve had the great support. It seems like I’ve only had the last thirteen days to fully adjust. 

I’m not complaining mind you,  I just have to center myself tonight and get the last bit of myself out of my head.  I’ve always been my biggest obstacle in everything I’ve ever done, and this is no different. 

Truth is… I’m not afraid to die, I accepted that a long ago, but I’m not sure if I’m afraid to live either. I think the nerves come from the unknown(what the hell am I going to do without the insulation?). Things will go fine, I’m sure, and I’m having a conversation with my God.

The people who’ve supported me has been amazing. I’ve made friends and family proud, I’m fortunate to go through this process with so much love supporting me. 

I’m not signing of as the director tonight. This is just Chris preparing for the next journey of my life. 


I’m Not Dead, I Promise

I apologize for not blogging in a while, truth is, I’ve been busier with life then I thought I would be. So, let me go through the updates as follows: Society of Creative Anachronisms, we did a two night camp trip to our kingdoms war, Great Western War. It was fun, we hung out with friends, I tried more scotch then I ever thought I would, some of them tasted kind of like licking a campfire, but it was an interesting time.

The biggest ones to actually catch up on, the movie, and yes, Nash Gray is finally in the  finally stages of being edited into the movie we started to make. It was a great time, emotional and physically taxing at times, but to see the thoughts become reality is amazing, and that is part of why I went the direction in life that I did. We had to get creative, but overall, not bad for our first time.

I’ve also started writing more scripts, I’ve taken a pause for the last couple of weeks because this project’s taken my time, but I’m a month and a half away from being done with school. I don’t have more to say at this time, just wanted to give a quick update on the silence, be back soon, so that’s a wrap for now.


So, I wasn’t able to get out the announcement that I wanted too today…but hopefully tomorrow will work out better.  I do however want to thank my creative partner and friend Ed Smith for inviting us out to his son’s graduation party.  I was blessed to meet some new people and I felt at home with this group of people.

One of the things that Ed and I share is a love of music, and the fact that our brains tend to work well together.  The other part of Ed’s life is his wife Dawn.  I met her first and we would talk as she passed by me at work.  She’s a sweetheart, and since I’ve been lucky to have gotten to know them both,  I adore them as a couple.  Tonight turned into a great night to just chill and jam out.

I’m going short on this tonight, but I do want to say this specifically to my friend:  Ed, I love you brother, and thanks for agreeing on taking this crazy adventure with me.  Dawn, thank you for letting me take Ed on this adventure with me.  You have great boys, and I see that you’ve been great parents.  Again thank you, thank you! I appreciate you both for letting my family into your lives.

By the way:  I finally have a sign off.  I sometimes go by the director when involved with my filming, and while it is cliche,  here it goes.  This is the Director, and that’s a wrap!

Comic Review: Batman: The Killing Joke — CINESPIRIA

Batman: The Killing Joke (written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland) is highly regarded as one of the best Batman stories ever written. It is hugely popular and fanboys the world over embrace it like it is some sort of geek bible. It tells the origin story of the Joker and gives us […]

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Wonder Woman(2017)

As my wife puts this movie, ” It was everything I wanted.”  With that being said, Wonder Woman is a damn good movie.  It was surly the best thing DC and Warner Bros has done together in the last ten or so years.  The only thing that bothered me a little was the cliche slow motion fight scenes,  I felt that it was a tad bit over done.  The movie did also feel a bit familiar, like Captain America: The Fist Avenger(2011).  Which isn’t a bad thing, since that movie was great in its own right.

Gal Gadot is great, not to mention that she’s very attractive as well.  Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor and these two fine actors have chemistry.  I feel that is something that helps get the view invested emotionally with what happens with their individual character arcs. Lucy Davis plays Etta, Steve’s secretary, and she is a joy in every scene she’s in.  She almost stole the show.

The setting is WWI, and I think that was a great way to go, since WWII always seems just a bit played out.  The scenes are great, the costumes are stunning, and the Lasso of Truth glows.  Part of the fun is seeing all the Easter Eggs that are in there.  They tie the DCEU all together in a nice pretty package.  I’m trying not to spoil anything here, because this movie is truly a pleasure to experience, just say that DC seems to have Marvel’s problem with under developed villains.

Now that I’ve given a spoiler free review….I hope, I have something that I feel needs to be addressed about the importance of this movie.  For all things about equality, this is a female superhero movie, directed by a female director.  See studios? Women can do it too.  Had this been a disaster, everyone would be bad mouthing DC even more, and probably blame Zack Snyder for ruining the DC brand.  Wonder Woman did exceedingly well, and I think that all the companies either doing, or considering doing movies benefits from this.  I’ve seen and heard people complain about the lack of female heroes in the movies.  Well, Jessica Jones(2016) did very well on Netflix, and Wonder Woman being a success means that the movie watchers are ready for the female superhero movies.  I think that studios should pay attention to this.  We could have a successful Black Widow movie, or a Spider-Gwen.  We could even do with a Black Canary movie.  I think the possibilities are exciting.

The only disappointment I have about what I heard was that males complained about an all-women showing of Wonder Woman.  I mean really?  It seems that most things tend to be geared towards the male population as it is, and somebody doesn’t have enough chill to be cool with something not geared towards the male ego?  I think it was a great publicity stunt, and there is a female section that has grown up with Wonder Woman as the only role model that they’ve had.

Parting words:  If you’ve seen it, I hoped you like it. If you haven’t I recommend seeing it, because it is good.  Have a good night, and until next time.

Thank You

As I get closer to graduating from Los Angeles Film School,  I want to take the time to thank everyone for their support.  I’ve also had a chance to hear from people saying that I’ve been an inspiration, and I also appreciate that as well.  I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact on those around me.  The journey that I’m on is full of uncertainty, but I’m looking forward to the challenge that it presents me.

Now that I’ve said thank you, let me also ask a favor from everyone.  If you watch my stuff, or read my stuff(I know some do both), then my favor is this, I’m trying to get exposure, and I want to have a more active interaction on the things I do. You like a video, comment on what you liked about it, hell tell me what you think could be improved, but if you do think it’s good, feel free to share, and tell people about my work. I want to make everyone feel as welcome as I’ve felt supported and loved.  There will be plenty of things coming out in various forms of media.  Watch and see the creative outlet explode.

The Next Step-Ready to Go with Weight Loss

Last week I went in for a series of tests.  They did an EKG, checked out my arms and legs for blood clots, did an ultrasound of my stomach and heart. Wednesday night I had a sleep study, and Thursday morning, I had a Endoscopy.  It was an experience that I won’t forget.  When they took a scan of my sinuses, I felt like Bill Bixby in The Incredible Hulk(1978) television series.

So now that I’m well on my way to actually doing this, I feel that I have to get my butt in gear and actually start getting a bit of exercise.  I’m currently focusing only dual class schedule at the moment, but I’ve got a good momentum going that I think I will take a hike this weekend.

So many changes are getting ready to happen, and while I’m excited, I’m also terrified with the fact that these changes are big.  I found out from my sleep test that I might have sleep apnea, but I need to set up another test so that I can go down and sleep with a mask on( yay me).  I will update you more later.