Reflections from the Weekend

While my birthday was last week, I decided that I wanted to go out of town on Saturday just to have fun. I thought it would be cool to pick up a couple of things to add to the stuff I wanted for my birthday, but I found that I was looking for things to help get my projects going. So, I didn’t get much for myself. I had the chance to hang out with friends that I’ve not had the chance to be with on an out of town adventure, and it was a fun time. I appreciate those times of bonding with people, and I was able to show a fellow geek my favorite comic store.

Due to the long day we had, my Sunday was a day that I wasn’t very motivated to finish my homework, but after about half the day, I found the motivation to plug away at what I had. I’m hopeful that I can really get to producing some content soon, as I’m learning about the casting process for a film. I’ve gotten by so far with the help of friends, and I hope that can continue, but I’m also sure that there is going to come a point where I’m going to have to start doing the casting call process. I do look forward to meeting and working with different people at some point in the near future.

I had to do some rewrites to my script, and I’m glad that it seemed to flow smoother than my first couple attempts. The part that made me sad was that I had to rewrite dialogue for my female character. I love to have witty banter in some of my characters, but alas, a different point of view didn’t agree with the way it went. Being the creative person I am, I’ve always taken criticism as a positive way to improve upon my work.

I’ve been informed that Wonder Con tickets have been purchased for me and the family for this year. I’m really excited to share this experience with the kids, and to go in with a different kind of mind set. Part of the reason that I went into film school was so that I could go into conventions as press, and I hope to learn something about how to go about getting involved with a geek press type of situation.

The week is the start of my preproduction for my short, and I’m really looking forward to sharing this experience with my actors, and I have worked with them both, and have a good relationship with them. I’m eager to get through some rehearsal time with both and see how the chemistry will come out. I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed, because both are tremendous talents on the stage.

I had a chance to go out for coffee with an old friend today. It was nice to catch up, and too bounce some ideas off him. I think we’re going to end up doing something quite fun, and the creative process will be different for me this time around. There will be more on this later, I’m sure.



38 Steps to Adulthood

Today is my 38th birthday, and I’ve been blessed to spend lunch with two of the most important females in my life, my wife, and my oldest daughter. Having had several years where I felt trapped and like I was at a stand still, the past two years have been a great leap forward for my personal growth. The biggest thing that I’ve noticed about myself is how I’ve changed as a person. I used to be very self-centered about everything, and now I feel that helping other’s is one of the greatest gifts one person can do.

I think one of the best things that has happened for me was finding the creative outlet that I’d been seeking for so long, and while I enjoy it, I also find it a tool to help learn about myself as a person. I’m also blessed with a group of people whom are willing to help be my filming crew as I need it. They are some of the most faithful and dedicated friends that I have. To be honest, filming sometimes ends up being the most stressful, but also the most fun time that I can have. I’ve had the challenge of being behind the camera and in front of the camera most of the time. The challenge with school is that I’m doing the job of several people during my productions. I wouldn’t change it though, because I like most of the process that goes into each production. I love the writing element more than I ever thought that I would. It’s fun to see my thoughts come to life, and to see where the journey goes. The weird part is that I’m not always sure of how the journey is going to go until I get there, and these characters seem to dictate the choices that are made, especially in the book that I’ve been writing. Script writing is going to take me a bit to get the complete grasp of, but I’m excited non the less for what I’ll be able to put out.

This year’s motto is going to be Excelsior, not only because Stan Lee uses it, but because it means, “Onward and Upward.” How beautiful is that idea? Especially if you’re feeling down. If you can tell yourself to keep going when you’re feeling down, isn’t that a great way to help motivate yourself? Just remember that it’ll get better, just be patient.

So, last night I signed up for an extra thing to do with getting certificates in somethings, and I really started to get my online presence going for my production company. I feel like I’ve accomplished somethings this week. I’ve been talking too some of the most wonderful people in my life today. I’ve gotten so many birthday wishes that it touched me to know that people Do think about me. I’m going to be setting up a meeting for someone to help score some of the projects that I’ve got going, and I’m anxious to see how everything is going to turn out. I hope that everything goes the way that I hope because the things I’m trying to set up for are the things that I want to do for the rest of my life.

Remember that this is the first month of the year, and since it’s still relatively new. Do something that you’ve always been afraid to try. Maybe a new food, or a person that you’ve secretly wanted to talk too. These are the things that make us grow as people, and you’d be surprised by the things that you’re capable of. That’s the theme that I give all of you, challenge yourselves, if for any reason, to better yourselves.

While I didn’t reach my goal of a thousand words, I did get a bit closer this time. Love to all.

A Step in the Right Direction

I’m enjoying the fact that I’ve had the motivation to be productive this year. I’m looking at the light at the end of the tunnel for my schooling, and I’m also doing somethings that are hopefully going to be coming to fruition soon. One of those things, are that I’m looking at a new group that I’d like to get involved with, an Improv group down in the Los Angeles area.

I’ve also been trying to get things going professionally as well, I’ve just started making moves to help get myself noticed so that I can hopefully promote up and out of my current position at work. I think that things are looking up in that aspect.

Sometimes, I find it challenging to find the words that I’d like to say, but I’ve taken this challenge to heart and I plan on writing most days, and providing thoughts on where my mind is at. Tonight, my mind is with my friends and the success that they’ve been seemingly coming by in the past several months. I’ve found joy in the facts that several have found huge steps in their professional growth, and that in itself is a blessing.

Last year was a year of loss, and that empty feeling of loss had carried out throughout the year. I had friends lose too many people in this last year, and my thoughts continue with them. I do feel positive that this year will bring forth positivity in abundance, and whatever success that I might have in this year, I share it with the people I care for most. I feel that my success, is going to be used to help uplift those to be successful as well. After this blog tonight, I’m going to challenge myself to committing to at least a thousand word blogs from this point on. That is a challenge, but I think that I can accomplish that.

This is the year

This is the year of growth. As I reach the last ten months in film school, I’ve come to realize that I’ll be doing more filming than I ever have, and this month starts the process of really filming my own content for class. I feel fortunate that I have friends who are willing to volunteer their time to help me out with my projects. I’m both excited and nervous about this venture. I will have more on this as things develop.

I’m going forward with other things, such as getting ready to film personal content that doesn’t have to do with film school, but personal projects that have been dangling in the back of my mind for several years now. One of the things that has been in my thoughts, is getting healthier again. I let my depression run my life for so long, that even going forward with my education, and trying to advance my career, excuses have been used for too long for my inactive life style. This year, that stops and I will own up to it, while bringing everyone on that journey.

Now on to the one group that I’ve had the honor to help establish, the Geeks of the IWV. These people are my brothers and sisters in arms. They not only share a passion for the things that I do, but they also have a passion for things that make them uniquely different. This is where I feel a big focus for my school and personal growth are going to flourish. I’m excited to see where this will take me as well.

New Year’s

So, 2016 was a difficult year for some people.  There was loss, and hardship felt on several fronts.  I’ve had to witness friends lose a child to a tragic accident, and the helplessness that goes with that. I’m glad that I was able to have the foresight to lend a helping hand to these wonderful people. I can say that a beautiful bond as been made in this horrible experience.

We as a people have seen the entertainment industry lose more influential talent then in previous years, and from my understanding, that trend isn’t going to go away for a few years at least. At least we have a legacy that was left behind to enjoy, so there shouldn’t be too much sadness as what influenced us, has been left behind for us to enjoy.

I’ve been blessed with making some new friends this year, they are not only talented, but they are some of the most wonderful people that I’ve gotten to meet in a long while, and I look forward to seeing what they can contribute to this world. I’ve also have the chance to really start reconnecting with some of my friends from my youth, and so many of those bonds have helped to define the person that I’ve grown to be.

I still battle my demons, but I have a better handle on them then I’ve had in sometime.  I also have found more courage to talk about where my mind goes than just hiding what I deal with on a constant basis. Through situations that have happened this year, I’ve taken on challenges and I’ve surprised my fortitude has endured some of the events that have popped up. This year has provided me with a chance to grow personally, and start to grow professionally as well. The seeds have been planted and I expect big things to happen in the new year. One of the biggest achievements that is coming to an end in the upcoming year is that I’ll have my bachelors degree before the year is through. I decided to get a degree in Digital Filmmaking, because this was a direction I felt life was taking me. I spent too many years listening to everybody else, and I put my passions on hold. This helped me take my life back, and while so might say that it’s going to be tough to break in the competitive business in Hollywood, most people might not realize that I do have other plans then just the idea of working in Hollywood, and with that, you’ll all just have to have faith and trust me.

With that being said, some of my friends and family have already rang in the New Year on the east coast. I love you guys, happy New Year, and to those who are going to burn the midnight oil, be safe, enjoy whoever you might be with. As I work on this blog and figure things out, you’ll be hearing more from me, and there will be far more to hear in the 2017.

Shooting Stars Lost

There was so much going on this year, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put as my opinion on the culling of celebrity deaths and events of the year.  So, I’ve been contemplating the words that I wanted to say, and bring forth genuine emotions and the perfect words for those we’ve lost.  While I haven’t found the perfect words, I think that I have some words on the subject.

For as many of our heroes died this year, there truly are only two that got me. When Prince Rogers Nelson died, that was the first real shock for me, I remember that the Batman soundtrack was the first Prince album that I ever owned, and I would play it constantly throughout my youth, that and Micheal Jackson’s Thriller.  I never expected Prince to go.  I think that I wasn’t as shocked at the news, when my dad told me about Micheal Jackson dying, but Prince caught me off guard.  I happened to be picking the kids up for our vacation that day, so I won’t forget that day.  Prince was a class act that didn’t stir up controversial issues to much and his range was something to be inspired.  He will be missed for his genius.

Now, on too the most recent and a big blow to the geek community at large, Carrie Fisher. Mark Hamill said it best, “she was our princess,” and I personally couldn’t agree more.  My first pet was named Princess, and Star Wars has been a huge part of my life, ever since I could remember. She not only was beautiful, but Leia proved that the damsel in distress can be a kick ass warrior when needed.  While in her personal life, she suffered from mental illness and addiction, the world will be lesser with her gone. Carrie also suffered from the shadow of Princess Leia, and I imagine that it was tough to peak out with the character of a life time, at such a young age. Carrie, you are now one with the force, and let your inspiration continue on as a legacy to the person that you were.

Now, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel, my friends, we did survive another year. Most of us still have our health, and have gone through a level of personal growth. My drive has personally helped me to endure things that I never thought that I would get through, and I’ve learned an abundance about who I am as a person. While we lost some of our personal heroes presence on this earth, I’m sure that would want us to continue to use their influences to keep doing the good that we strive to do. While we’ve lost the people who inspired us, their works are going to continue to live on so that we can reflect on what the inspiration was that drew us too them.